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Yellow and blue house registration is different?

27 May

Household registration is a document that shows the house number of each house. Including a list of the residents of that house, which one house registration can be how much? Depending on the size of the area, which according to the Public Health Act 1992, there is only one resident per 3 square meters. There is only one host in the house registration
. Have you ever wondered how There are many types of house registration and how many colors, what can each color do? Today we will explain the missing house

registration. There are 2 types of house registration :
1. Foreign house registration in yellow color, Thor. Ror. 13
– is a house registration for non-Thai nationals who are temporarily allowed to live in the Kingdom And people who are not Thai nationals who have been granted waiver Live in the Kingdom is a special, individual case. According to the immigration law, in the case that a foreigner is your husband or wife If you or your parents are the host, the host must notify the registrar of the domicile where the home is located. By filling out a request regarding civil registration (Thor. Ror. 13) requesting to add a person’s name in the house registration. The document prepared is a copy of the house registration Host version, host ID, foreigner’s travel book Marriage certificate, alien permit to work or evidence of alien permit In Thailand permanently or temporarily
– In the case that foreigners buy an apartment or condo that belongs to the owner That person can apply for a house registration of that foreigner by immigration. Legally and licensed to have residence in the Kingdom or have a certificate Identification of a foreigner or being an alien as specified by law has the right to buy a condominium unit Not more than 49 percent of the total number of apartments in that building and have the right to apply for a house registration (Thor.Ror.13) by using the evidence under 1 To contact the district office where the building is located
– In the case of condo purchase With names both foreigners And Thai people as well When going to do a household registration, who will be the host? The host does not have to be the owner of that house. The host means Who is the head of the house possession, as the owner of the tenant or in any other way Duties of the host The host is responsible for notifying various matters as provided by Civil Registration Act 2534 such as birth notification, death notification, home address Or other matters related to the house. Therefore, when foreigners and Thai people are the joint owners Should let Thai people be the host to perform various tasks as specified by the law Because it can communicate Thai better than foreigners
For documents that need When registering for the Yellow Book ( Thor. Ror. 13) registration, namely
1. Copy of Passport
2. Notification of residence for foreigners issued by the Immigration Bureau
3. Marriage
certificate 4. Birth certificate
5. 2 2-inch photos, use 2 photos at the Immigration Bureau, another 3 photos at the district office
6. Copy of Thai house registration That will notify foreigners to stay
7. Two witnesses, including a copy of house registration and identity card of the witness
2. Blue House Registration, Form Thor.Ror.14 for Thai nationals
Is a house registration for Thai nationals Which we see commonly used, with the “host” responsible for the head of the family In which this possession may be the owner of the house, the renter or in other status And the duty of the host in that house Under the civil registration law Assigned to the host Have the duty to notify the registrar as follows
1. someone born in the house
2. There are dead people in the house
3. There are people moving in – moving out
4. There is a new building
5. Requesting a new house number
6. When the house is demolished
In which almost every activity must be notified to the registrar Within 15 days after the act has been done Except if someone dies Must notify the registrar within 24 hours. If not informed, it is considered an offense under the Civil Registration Act B.E. 2534 and the amendment (Version 2) 2008. Penalty not exceeding 1,000 baht
– House Registration This type cannot be used as ownership documents. Because the acquisition of ownership can only be obtained from the title deeds
– The house registration of “Condo” and the house registration of “House” are not different because they have the same house registration book Will be different, the bad details specified inside the house registration book That the residential characteristics are in the category of “condominiums” or “houses” only
– Cannot use house registration as collateral Because according to law And the Department of Land stipulating that There is only a title deed or a letter of the right to the condominium unit. That can be registered as collateral for mortgage type
– After being listed on the house registration for 1 year, we can sell the house Or that condominium without paying a specific business tax (at the rate of 3.3% of the sales price or appraised price Whichever is higher) will pay only 0.5% stamp duty and withholding tax (if any) only.
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