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Shining “pet tax” abroad after “Big Tzu” ordered a brake review “Cat dog registration”

12 Oct

From the Prime Minister case Review of the dog and cat registration law. After the social world, they expressed the view that it would increase the burden on people who own a pet.

The registration of a pet registration law does not seem to be so strange when it comes to pet taxes . The government is taxing very high ever.

The draft law to register the pet was drafted in Thailand. The pet owners must register all animals. (First apply for dogs and cats).

  • 50 Baht Application Form
  • Animal ID 100 Baht
  • Animal mark 300 baht each.
  • A total of 450 baht

If the pet owner violates Do not bring animals to register. The penalty is not more than 25,000 baht.

In foreign countries. Netherlands  The government requires all dogs in the country to be registered. The annual tax levy is imposed. Dog owners pay taxes to municipalities. Or local authorities living. Each area has a different tax rate for dogs.

  • The first dog is 112.80 euros per year or 4,274 baht
  • The second dog is 176.76 euros per year or 6,700 baht.
  • The third dog is 224.16 euros per year or 8,500 baht.

Northern Ireland  The government requires all dogs and cats to be registered. And the owner will have to pay. The “license fee” for dog and cat ownership is fixed at £ 12.50 per year or $ 540 per year.

Germany  There is a legal obligation to feed the dogs and cats have to pay the local taxes to the local residents. Each tax will be charged at a different rate.

  • Berlin, capital of Germany Pet tax of 140 Euro per year or 5,300 Baht

Over 1 dog and cat are taxed at the rate of € 180 per year or € 6,820.

New Zealand  The law requires all dogs and cats aged over 3 months to be registered. With microchip embedded Including tags. There is a small fee. But no pet tax.

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