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Extremely! Change the rubbish to “gold” already.

08 Sep

Mr. Somchai Hanirun, Deputy Minister of Industry, revealed that the Research and Development Center for Recycling Technologies The Department of Primary Industries and Mines Samutprakarn will be an ITC center for learning and utilizing technology in recycling domestic waste.

The center. It can transform waste into metal ore and alternative energy for industry. In other countries. “Urban Mining” is a source of renewable resources for the industrial sector. Reduce the use of new natural resources. Reduce waste and pollution to the environment and the community. It also promotes the development of eco-industrial cities. Powered by Zero Waste Society and Circular Economy

In addition to developing eco-friendly recycling technologies, It focuses on the research and development of environmentally-friendly recycling technologies, both at the laboratory and in the pilot scale. The center also offers workshops on the transfer of technology, both theoretical and practical. Interested entrepreneurs can learn and train. With 49 technologies to drive entrepreneurship. New Industry Targets Circular Economy

“The innovation and technology of this center. Electronic scrap can be transformed into electronic gold by means of electronic sorting. Prior to entering the process of gold mining and gold mining, gold and other metals such as silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, neodymium, lithium, gold , aluminum, etc., as well as plastic waste that can be converted into value-added products. It is not a wreck waiting to be eliminated, “said the Ministry of Industry.

At present, Thailand has an estimated 400,000 tons of electronic waste per year, which can handle only about 100,000 tons of waste, 100,000 tons in the home and about 200,000 tons in unmanaged systems.

The amount of plastic waste in the country is approximately 2,000,000 tons / year, systematically managed only 500,000 tons, while the remaining 1,500,000 tons have management systems, such as the burial. The other part is a non-systematic management. These rubbish if they have a comprehensive and effective management system. From activities / processes that cause waste. Sorting process Collecting, transporting, recycling, treating and disposing of these wastes is a major source of renewable resources.

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