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Extremely! Change the rubbish to “gold” already.

13 Sep

Mr Prapas still minuscule, Director, Office of Policy, enterprises or Cor. Given that in the first 11 months of fiscal year 2561 SEPO. You can save money delivered revenue of 1.5 billion baht, higher than the target set. In the first half of the year, the total revenue of the country was estimated at Baht 41.4 billion, or 19% of the target.

For state enterprises, the top five earners were the Government Lottery Office of Thailand at 36.7 billion baht, This represents 69% of total cumulative revenue.

For other state enterprises, the total revenue was 4,64 billion baht. The higher the target, the more likely the cause is from state enterprises. The overall performance improved.

In fiscal year 2018, it is estimated that the total revenue of state enterprises will be higher than the set target of Baht 373 billion, more than Baht 20 billion.

Cr. https://www.sanook.com/money/595573/

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