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“Bamboo Gold Ice Cream” business 100 million.

08 Sep

Who will go to the ice cream Bamboo gold with a sale price of only 10-20 baht will sell up to 100 million, based on the strategy. Selling cheap. Dealer – An ice cream shop that sells and sells is profitable. The taste must match the needs of the market.

If you are talking about coconut milk ice cream and ingredients that give sweet taste, it’s delicious at tangible prices. Many people think of “Bamboo Gold Ice Cream “ that the seller usually comes with an ice cream tank with a golden bamboo on a green background. Wandering around the alleys, right?

But know that the origin of Bamboo Gold Ice Cream. From the words of the insult of the manufacturer of ice cream bar one many years ago, it was Sanook! Money has gathered a rough idea to come together.

Originally, Mr. Ginseng Sae was given ice cream from an ice cream maker but was not selling well. I also blame the taste and quality of each day is not the same. Mr. Keng Seng decided to tell the producer to improve the taste. And better quality.

In the hope of Mr. Kim Keng. May cause the ice cream maker does not sound very slippery. Then hammer back.

“If you want to do better than this, do it yourself” that … is the beginning of the Golden Bamboo ice cream that has passed to the present.

This is a reflection of our commitment to quality. And the taste of bamboo gold.

In the year 1947, Mr. Keng Seng has the same ice cream flavor as coconut milk, but nowadays, ice cream is made of 7 different flavors: coconut milk, cocoa, vanilla, coffee, strawberry and lemon. There are many types of side dishes and toppings, including glutinous rice glutinous rice, coconut milk, coconut milk, coconut milk, roasted peanuts, coconut milk, and ice cream.

The Bamboo Gold Ice Cream Patrol has sold over 70 years, the price starts at 10-20 baht, but the revenue is not quite normal.

Cr. https://www.sanook.com/money/595643/

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